accident reconstruction


Vollmer-Gray has been involved in a wide range of safety investigations over the past forty years. We can provide expertise for a range of issues including design, manufacture, maintenance, repair, inspection, rental, use, operation, and training of various equipments in construction, industrial environments etc. Our engineers are also trained to investigate fire in residential/commercial premises for any safety violations.

Vollmer-Gray is actively involved in promulgating industry-consensus safety standards for a variety of classes of construction equipment. As a member of the Aerial Work Platform Council, the Scaffold and Access Industry Association, the A92 Aerial Work Platform Committee, and the B56.6 Rough Terrain Forklift Committee, Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories can provide insights into a wide range of construction equipment issues.

Our investigations typically involve conducting site inspections, research/testing and reviewing the applicable standards/code to ensure that proper standards were followed during the course of an event.

  • Construction Safety
  • Industrial Safety
  • Residential safety
  • Premises Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Product Safety
  • Industrial machine safety
  • Product design and safety engineering analysis
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