accident reconstruction


An important component of accident reconstruction is accurate and timely documentation of accident sites and vehicles. Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories is equipped with two Faro 3-D Laser Scanners and A Nikon Total Station to accurately preserve and document accident sites and electronically store that information for future use.

The laser scanning captures spatial data by the use of laser light. The shape, position, and spatial locations of objects are recorded by millions of points, each with latitude, longitude, and elevation (xyz) co-ordinates. The device uses a high-speed laser scanner with a 360° field of view around the horizontal axis. The laser scanner is able to create any scene within its field of view and create a complete data set in the form of a 3D point cloud made up of millions of points of data. These electronic scene maps are then used with accompanying software to reconstruct the scene. Our use of Faro scanners significantly reduces time spent on scene, minimizing traffic congestion.

In addition to the 3-D laser scanners, Nikon Total Station is available to survey large areas effectively. Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories uses state of the art tools to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive analysis process available. Scene documentation is a crucial part in the investigative process and we take great pride in our documentation process.

  • Roadway/Scene evidence
  • Vehicle scans
  • Crush deformation
  • Impact configurations
  • Component analysis
  • Fire scenes
  • Building layouts
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