accident reconstruction


Polymeric products fail or crack unexpectedly during service. The cause of failure can be pinpointed through a detailed failure analysis. A careful examination of the failed part and fracture surfaces is usually the first step in any failure analysis. Fracture surface morphology reveals the fracture origin and mechanism responsible for crack initiation and propagation. Physical conditions of the part provide valuable information about the material properties, manufacturing process, and in service environments. In many cases, additional tests and analyses may be performed to confirm or narrow down the possible failure mechanisms. These may include measurement of molecular weight of the plastic for possible material degradation, residual stresses in the part, and a stress analysis.

Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories has a leading reputation in the field of failure analysis. Our highly experienced engineers and material scientists are available to undertake polymer, and composite failure investigations on components and full-scale assemblies. Our professional staff can evaluate the cause of failure as well as recommend steps to prevent re-occurrences. Whether at your facility, our laboratory, or in the field, analyses of processes and procedures that involve materials or component parts can be made.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Contaminants and inclusions
  • Mechanical failure
  • Chemical attack
  • Trace chemical analysis
  • Oxidative degradation
  • Failure of fibre-reinforced composites
  • Weathering
  • Additives in polymers and elastomers, and related problems
  • Environmental stress and cracking
  • Residual stresses and weld lines
  • Adhesion problems with polymers and interfaces
  • Voids, blisters, nibs and other surface defects
  • Polymer discoloration
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