accident reconstruction


Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories provides services to evaluate technical issues involving premises liability. Typically, investigations involve slips, trips, falls, and other accident modalities that occur in the work place, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, and other public places, as well as in residential situations. Our premises liability investigations often involve several areas of specialization, including biomechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, and tribometry. All of our premises liability engineers are trained and certified tribometrists.

In addition to determining the slip resistance of a floor surface, traditional slip/fall investigations involve discussing code compliance and liability issues. Determining the mechanism of injury resulting from a specific slip/trip/fall accident requires thorough biomechanical analysis of the subject incident. Our biomechanical evaluation of a premises liability incident typically includes a review of medical records, injury tolerance values, and fall kinematics to ascertain whether the injuries claimed are consistent with the described accident scenario or not.

  • Conducting a site inspection
  • Generating a 3D computer model of an incident scene
  • Measuring the slip resistance/coefficient of friction of the floor
  • Code compliance
  • Lighting measurements
  • Injury analysis
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