accident reconstruction


Many vehicles today have an onboard device called an Event Data Recorder (EDR). These EDRs may record important information such as impact speed, braking, percent throttle, and seat belt status. It is likely that crash data was recorded if an airbag deployment event occurred. This data can be imaged from supported vehicles through a process called crash data retrieval, which will not modify the data on the EDR.

Vollmer-Gray Laboratories can tell you if the subject vehicle is supported for crash data retrieval. Supported vehicles will generate a report that we can interpret for you to help provide preliminary analysis. Crash data retrieval is an important tool in vehicle accident reconstruction.

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Evaluate Auto Insurance Claims
  • Air Bag Deployment
  • Determine Impact Speed
  • Longitudinal & Lateral Impact Severity
  • Did the Driver React Pre-Impact?
  • Engine Throttle Percentage
  • Service Brake On or Off
  • Seat Belt Status
  • Seat Position
  • Seat Occupant Status
  • Air Bag Warning Lamp On or Off
  • Multiple Crash Events
  • Time Between Crash Events
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