Forensic animation is a tool used to help illustrate a reconstructed case. Sometimes photographs and statements can fail to adequately convey the intricacies of an event whereas an animation can be used in support to show how an event occurred. A forensic animation can also be used to help confirm or deny other possible scenarios by demonstrating what may or may not be a plausible situation. Presenting an animation may have a more lasting impression of the matter at hand.

Vollmer-Gray’s quality forensic animations are rendered using accurate scale measurements of the scene and subjects. We accomplish this by utilizing 3D scanners, lasers, and manual measurements during our inspections. We also use science based simulations and analysis as inputs into our forensic animations to help give validity to what you are trying to present.

  • Re-enact Events
  • Present Various Scenarios
  • Mechanism of Injury
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Product Failure
  • Operator Error
  • Heavy Equipment Injury
  • Surveillance Video & HQ Animation Comparison
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