accident reconstruction


Vollmer-Gray provides a wide range of architecture and construction defect-related services to both assist our clients in avoiding potential issues during construction, as well as performing after-the- fact site investigation and forensic analysis to determine the root cause of the construction defects.

Design and construction defect issues can occur for a variety of reasons: Owner-furnished material which is not sufficient for the purpose intended, Architect/engineer specifies incorrect material, or fails to specify the materials to be used, Contractor’s quality control and workmanship is poor or the contractor didn’t follow the proper construction/installation guidelines, Contractor/subcontractor uses substandard materials in an effort to reduce costs, Material supplier’s product is insufficient or defective

Examples of potential issues that can result in problems during construction, as well as claims and disputes after project completion include: Cosmetic defects, Water intrusion, Mold, Structural instability, Excessive foundation movement, Code violations

  • Construction Drawing and Specification Review
  • Design Consistency and Constructability Analysis
  • On-site Inspection and Construction Quality Assessment
  • Building Code and Industry Standard Compliance
  • ADA Compliance
  • Life Safety Analysis/Egress Calculations
  • Materials Research
  • Cause and Origin Investigation
  • Destructive/Non-destructive Testing
  • Risk Management Consulting
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