accident reconstruction


Accident Reconstruction often involves the collection and evaluation of physical evidence and the application of physics and engineering principles to determine how a collision occurred. With thousands of cases worked, the experienced staff of engineers at Vollmer-Gray assists clients in analyzing automotive accidents using a well-rounded approach of technology, analytics and experience. Our engineers are highly skilled in all types of automotive accident reconstruction, including auto vs. auto, auto vs. motorcycle, auto vs. pedestrian, auto rollovers, and auto system failures.

Our accident reconstruction experts use scientific and engineering principles, state of the art testing technology (Faro 3D laser scanning, DTS ARS3 Pro data acquisition, Crash Data Retrieval), as well as computer simulation and modeling tools (PC-Crash, HVE, 3D Photogrammetry) to analyze vehicle crashes. Our multi-disciplinary approach to accident reconstruction enables us to answer challenging questions surrounding the case with confidence, including the impact speeds, driver perception/reaction, and restraint systems (airbags, seatbelts, pretensioners) performance. Accident reconstruction often goes hand in hand with injury biomechanics. The impact forces and crash pulses determined for an accident can be used to answer questions regarding injury potential and causation, and occupant kinematics and dynamics.

  • Motor vehicle accident reconstruction/analysis and 3D computer simulations.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle impact analysis and simulation.
  • Vehicle and occupant kinematics and dynamics analysis.
  • Event Data Recorder (“black box”) imaging for passenger vehicles and Engine Control Module imaging of heavy trucks.
  • 3D scene and vehicle mapping using Laser Scan and Total Station technology.
  • Photogrammetry, Photomodeling, Video/Audio Analysis.
  • Human factors analysis of driver/vehicle behavior (perception, reaction, response) and roadway conditions (visibility, traffic signals).
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