accident reconstruction


Vollmer-Gray’s metallurgical and mechanical engineering services are critical to ascertaining liability, whether the fault lies in the materials used, product design, manufacturing methods or usage. Our comprehensive investigations identify both the failure mechanism and the root cause by means of specialized analysis of the materials involved alongside structural, physical and mechanical testing.

Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories specializes in quantifying how materials and products fail, including an assessment of equipment that has deteriorated due to corrosion, fatigue, damage, abuse, and improper manufacture. We can also evaluate the reliability of systems and components, life cycle assessment, as well as legislative review and compliance assessments.

Vollmer-Gray is committed to delivering a quality, cost- effective service. We have high professional standards, ethics and integrity, all of which is supported by our highly competent and world class laboratory.

  • Materials Analysis & Characterization
  • Advanced analytical techniques to determine fundamental properties, characteristics and performance
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Stereographic Microscopy
  • Microstructural Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Metallurgical Examinations
  • Materials Characterization & Testing
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