accident reconstruction


Data acquisition systems and sensors (accelerometer, angular rate sensors and load cells) are widely used in the field of accident reconstruction and biomechanics of injury applications. An accelerometer is a device used to measure the acceleration experienced during an event/impact. Our data acquisition system includes the of world’s smallest, high shock tolerant angular rate sensors and accelerometers. It is accurate for low, medium and high speed measurements.

Vollmer Gray designs and performs case-specific research and testing to determine the accelerations and loads occurring in an event.  Using the state of the art data acquisition systems and sensors, we can quantify the response of an object/vehicle/human body to an impact. Our equipment is portable and compatible for field testing in rugged environments.

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Impacts
  • Acceleration measurements on transportation vehicles like buses, cars, golf carts etc.
  • Foreign object impact testing
  • Helmets/Personal protective equipment
  • Falls
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