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Non-Automotive Cases

•Fire & Explosion    •Failure Analysis    •Water Loss    •Safety    •Premise Liability   •Construction Equipment
•Biomechanical Injury Analysis    •Slip, Trip, & Fall    •Corrosion Analysis   •Orthopedic Biomaterial Testing

Automotive Cases

Low Speed Analysis

Typically characterized by minimal damage to vehicles, these types of accidents often occur in parking lots, slow-moving traffic, at stop lights or other signals, or slow lane change maneuvers. The main goal of this analysis is to determine speed change for the vehicles, injury potential, and if statements match the actual events.

Damage Analysis

Desktop analysis of damage based on photographs, property damage estimates, and other materials provided.

Vehicle System Analysis

Brake, Steering, or Throttle Failures.

Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction covers most dynamic events. Typical assignments include:
•Bus Accidents    •Tractor-Trailers    •Multiple-Vehicles    •Vehicular Loss of Control    •Rollover
•Auto vs. Pedestrian    •Auto vs. Bicycle    •Vehicle Fire Analysis    •Driver Visibility    •Speed Survey
•Traffic Signal Timing Studies    •Theft Recovery Investigation    •Occupant Restraint Usage
•Vehicle Safety Defects    •and many more

Crash Data Retrieval (aka Black Box Download)

Many vehicles have data recorders onboard that may save important crash information. Contact us to find out if your vehicle may be a candidate for download.