Partial List of Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories Technical Presentations
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• Accident Reconstruction Methods
• Damage Analysis
• Vehicular Loss of Control
• Crash Data Recovery
• Vehicle Fire Investigation
• Multi-Vehicle Collision and Injury Analysis
• Low Speed Impact and Injury Analysis
• Biomechanics of Automotive Injury
• Biomechanical Engineering-An Overview
• Automotive Systems and Accident Reconstruction
• Fraud-Related Damage Evidence and Issues
• Occupant Kinematics and Restraint Systems Analysis
• PC Crash
• Tire and Wheel Failure – A Case Study
• A Review of Computer Use In Accident Reconstruction

• NFPA 921 and Fire Litigation Issues
• Fire Investigations
• Gas & Electric Appliance Fires
• Vehicle Fire Investigation
• SMC Fan Fires-Engineering Analysis & Testing

• Premises Liability

Failure Analysis
• Water Loss
• Fire Loss
• Product Liability

• Heavy Equipment Accident Investigation- Documentation, Preservation, and Interpretation of Physical Evidence
• Safe Operation of Aerial Lifts - An Important Component of a Safe Jobsite