Failure Analysis

Our professional staff has more than 50 years of combined experience to identify the causes of material failures. Using visual and microscopic examination, radiography, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive microscopy (EDS), and Fourier transfer infrared (FTIR) analysis (plastics and polymers) Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories can determine the events leading to failure. Our professionally licensed engineers evaluate and analyze the surface of the fracture applying advanced engineering theory and modern forensic and fracture mechanic analysis techniques. Chemical and mechanical testing helps provide further insight. Our facilities are equipped to perform both destructive and non-destructive testing in accordance with standard-issuing organizations such as ASTM, UL, and ANSI.

Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories has extensive experience in performing failure analysis on a wide range of parts and products and identifying a spectrum of failure mechanisms. Typical examples of current and past case-work include the metallurgical analysis of bolts, cables, wires, metal pipe, and even the steel belting of tires. Plastic and rubber investigations included the analysis of plastic thread failures, plastic plumbing failures, rubber gaskets and seals, irrigation systems, water filtration systems, and toilet valves.