Accident Reconstruction

For over 40 years, Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories has been a leader in the field of accident reconstruction. Vollmer-Gray’s accident reconstruction engineers are educated and experienced in a broad range of technical disciplines. This combination of skills enables us to analyze complex accidents involving a wide array of on-road, off-road, and industrial vehicle or utility equipment.

Vollmer-Gray incorporates state-of-the-art data collection, three-dimensional computer simulation, and analysis software tools into their accident reconstruction methodology. We analyze single- and multiple-vehicle accidents of all types and investigate the roles of human, vehicle and environmental factors in such accidents. Determining what happened in an accident and why it happened allows us to evaluate what could have been done to reduce the severity of an accident or to reduce injuries to those involved.

Vollmer-Gray accident reconstruction engineers perform thorough analyses to develop a reconstruction of the accident that is consistent with physical evidence. Our analytical procedure consists of a series of systematic steps that includes reviewing documents, identifying technical issues, documenting the accident site, and conducting vehicle and component inspections.

We provide clients with cost-effective, accurate and timely solutions to their technical accident reconstruction problems.



Our Services Include:

• Documentation of accident sites and vehicles
• Examination, testing and evaluation of vehicle systems and components
• Analysis and reconstruction of accidents involving vehicles of all types
• Evaluation of human, vehicle, and environment factors
• Occupant kinematics and injury analysis
• Computer-aided simulation and animation of accidents
• Analysis of perception/reaction and vision/visibility issues
• Rapid-response accident investigation
• Analysis of pedestrian/vehicle accidents
• Articulated vehicle dynamics and braking systems
• Accident avoidance/mitigation actions and factors


Our engineers utilize many technological advances within accident reconstruction field.

Accident reconstruction tools include:

• Vehicle dynamics data acquisition systems
• Vehicle dimensioning and inertial properties measuring equipment
• Vehicle safety systems test equipment
• 3D laser scanning
• Pulse Laser Total Station
• Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)
• Accident reconstruction software including:
– PC Crash
– Faro Scene
– MapScenes Point Cloud
– Autostats
– PhotoModeler
• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Strain gage data collection and analysis