Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories, Inc. is an independent engineering firm providing engineering consulting and expert witness services on accidents, incidents and other losses. Founded in 1970, Vollmer-Gray provides engineering consulting and expert witness services throughout the country. With over forty years of experience and well over 50,000 projects completed, we can assist our clients in a wide array of technical specialties. Our company-owned facility in Signal Hill, California features 10,000 square feet of office, laboratory, testing, shop and evidence (including vehicle) storage space. Our staff includes four engineers with Ph.D. degrees as well as many other specialists, with advanced degrees in mechanical, biomechanical, materials science, metallurgical, electrical, corrosion and polymer engineering.

Each project is assigned to an engineer who will personally handle coordinate all aspects of the investigation. The project engineer will communicate with the client and will follow through with court testimony, if needed. All assignments are subjected to a rigorous internal review process to ensure the highest quality results and also provide a back-up Professional Engineer familiar with the matter to testify at a later time should, for any reason, the project engineer be unavailable.